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I'm really not that great at bios and profiles. Really. /laughs.

I'm the nearly 23 year old heavily self-repressed and restrained librarian type with a whole selection of diagnosed disorders about a mile and a half long and a rather cynical view on humanity. Makes for some interesting writing at times, as I tend to find a balance or look more towards the good of people/go for happy endings a lot of the time. I work full time despite my numerous disorders and believe that if you want to do something, there's a price to pay for it and you have to be willing for it. The price is usually 95% hard work and dedication that can, and often will, beat the 5% of outside factors into what you want to do.

I have a lot of interests, all of them about as eclectic and random as they come, many in common, even more with little in common with one another.

This particular journal was made to be less random than my others, and more of a way to keep a (hopefully) daily log so I can pin point several things as  go through cognitive behavior therapy and look for triggers, find patterns, etc over time.  ...so far, not really doing s'good on the daily part, but I'm hoping it'll get better over time, I just need to boot myself in the ass to get it done. /sigh.

Other than that, I'm a rather boring Customer Service Representative/Billing Specialist for Sprint Wireless; hooray. /mild sarcasm.

Nice to meet all of you, and welcome to my insanity. =P


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