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8.9 magnitude earthquake hit Japan. Tsunamis wiped out a lot of the villages there, death toll is at 29, very very likely going to explode into the hundreds, if not thousands or up to tens of thousands.

Tsunami warnings up to 5 feet for the Oregon coast, 6+ feet for Hawaii is projected.

Empathy is kind of a bitch, I don't like having the ability to just think about it and be able to put myself in someone's shoes who're in that situation.

I want to cry out of... I dunno, frustration maybe, I'm powerless to do anything but pray for them, and praying I've been doing. Out of a sense of loss, I love the Japanese culture and it's horrifying to watch this happen. It's just horribly, horribly sad.

Anxiety is not helped by the fact I know we're in the Pacific Ring of Fire; it could happen to us as well. Paranoid, maybe, but it's not entirely unrealistic, as we're on a few fault lines and should be prepared for something of a magnitude 6.5+ just to be on the safe side.

...but we're not, the buildings are flimsy and the damage is going to be devastating when it happens.

...oh, and that nuclear reactor not being able to cool itself? Not cool. Last thing we need is that kicking off the zombie apocalypse. /fist shake and laughs. xposted over to my LiveJournal.
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