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Anxiety from the tsunami's still there, more centric on the whole potential nuclear disaster that should have people going, "Awww shit" more than they are already. Nuclear stuff isn't my forte or area of expertise, but radiation+potential for a meltdown = very bad news. I'm smart enough to grasp those basics. Now I'm just sad, shaking my head at the death toll and of the level of destruction Mother Nature can cause.

It takes humanity around 10+ years to get a decent sized village or city fully up and running. Mother Nature can take it out, as we've seen, in a matter of minutes. I'm kind of glad humanity can't harness that type of power, we have too many who'd abuse it, sadly.

Due to being a bad girl and not doing my friday log, I'll just post a bit about it here and move on.

Friday was uneventful, was late to work due to alarm clock not going off when it should, thank God my phone's gonna be due for an upgrade here real quick, or I could be 3 kinds of not happy and irritable about the stupid thing not saving my alarm when it needs to. Funny thing is, I triple check it before going to sleep and it still won't go off. I'm not sleeping heavy either, anything that moves my bed or makes a sound that close to my head/ear gets me jumpy. Calls were... pretty normal, the jackass from who the hell knows where now pissed me off by wasting 16 minutes of my time and educating me on what every single swearword in the english language is- and proceeded to cut himself off twice to remind me he knows I'm a "nobody" in "this greedy, thieving company" and none of it is "directed right at" me. Trying to control that call was an epic failure; I really hope I don't end up with a survey from him, my luck tends to go that route though, so coming in on Thursday will be interesting to say the least. Was in a bit of a mood most of the day, probably because I'm still pent up/agitated from all the doctors/therapy appointments I had last week.

Some incident happened between Mom and Dad, she was going to tell me about it, but then Dad came into the room and she murmured that she'd tell me later on. I really hope they're not having marital problems again. =\ It sounds like it was about the ski trip, probably about the avalanche that had me flying out of bed and heading into the living room in alarm to ask if Mom'd heard from him that morning. I'll find out soon enough, I guess.

Had an amusing three way conversation between a friend of mine and his fiancee. She's absolutely adorable sounding on the phone, especially with that epic British accent of hers. She's not.... terribly bright, but oh lord almighty is she adorable anyways, especially all hopped up on caffine and being a cheerful little shit towards her boy. Poor guy, we teamed up and gave him an epic amount of shit, good times, good times, it had me going to sleep with a smile.

Saturday found me waking early so I could get my check cashed and such before everything closed.

Dropped $100.00 and change to split between checking and savings. Checking, I'll touch if it's an occasion where I need to pull funds and I, for some reason, do not have my cash on me/have run out. Savings is not being touched in the slightest until September for the anime convention. Unless I use a portion of it to pay for the materials/commission for my costume. I'm gonna try and drop anywhere from $25-50 or more per paycheck into the savings account. Being paid twice a month... that's anywhere from $75-$100 per month. That'll put me at roughly $600 around Con-time, maybe even more if my direct deposit goes through and I get my taxes turned in and my refund back.

 Depends on my refund amount, if it's substantial (shit, $500 would be nice enough for me to be more than happy; $200 of that would go immediately into savings to give me a good headstart for con time.) I can put it towards other things. The only other thing I could use the money for would be for hair extensions once my actual hair gets long enough come... probably May or June. That's probably what I'd put most, if not all of my tax refund towards, just to have my goal in sight. I want the extensions down a little past my shoulders, kinda like how my mom's got hers and styled more like how my ginger wig is, as that's a flattering cut bangs wise and it'll give me something to be annoyed about in a happy, girly and normal way. Plus, I can have Dad put my hair in a ponytail/play hairdos with Mom and see what I like. Looking forward to braiding it most of all.

Came back home, got restless for no reason other than I probably had too much sugar/hadn't walked around the store enough and browsed. Was mildly irritated about not being able to find this movie I want Mom to see, because I think she'll adore it and I squeal every time I watch it, as Wall-E is freakin' adorable but, not enough for it to be the, "Grrr, need to go get some exercise, fml." mode I was getting into. Mom forgot to buy Sprite at the store, as she's sick right now, so I threw my coat on and asked if she wanted anything else before heading there on foot to get her some. Bought her some Hostess Sno-Balls too, as she loves those and she'll be able to eat them when she gets better.

Had a good laugh with Mom and Dad when we watched some of the SNL skit Mom and I'd watched a while back in January, that Wizard-whatever thing was awesome, horrendously unappropriate and Mom's commentary made it even better. Spent the rest of the day kind of just... vegging on the couch. It was a sleepy, baseline kind of day. Nothing uber-exciting, nothing uber-horrible. Just calm, if not a bit boring. Got to hear some stories about how my parents tease the everloving hell out of each other, got a good giggle or two out of that. I get my ornery from my mother and get good examples from my dad too.

Had a pretty brief but lagging feeling session for Convergence of Fate, part of it was totes my fault, as I wound up distracted a few times and couldn't think of how I wanted the character to response/feel what the character wanted to do. This writer's block crap really sucks; I miss being able to just reach into my own head, grab one of my characters and easily slip into their heads and just spend... well, hours really, just writing things out from their perspective for the games.

Made a pretty big decision, we'll see how it goes on Tuesday when I go to the concert itself. I have a friend coming with me, so that might make things easier. It'll be my first official concert. I wasn't going to go due to anxiety and all that, I don't do well in crowds or in social situations with large groups of people- or really just with groups in general. But... I guess we'll see the results for itself. I did take the day of the concert and the one following it off as well, just to be on the safe side and to give myself some time to... regroup. Even if that's not the word I wanted to use, the one I usually do escapes me at the time though, damn't all anyways.

I'm not remembering my dreams at this point, I know I've dreamt but there's nothing, not even a vague impression of what it could be. I'm thrashing in my sleep more though, my blankets end up clear off the bed, even by my bedroom door lately. It's weird.  I did have my recurring dream again though, I'll grab it from my logs and put it up here at some point to keep track of it as I'm being asked to.. 

Highlight of the day was purchasing Pokemon Black. Yes, I'm 23 (nearly) going on 35 going on 10. Bite me, I still enjoy my silly little children's video game with the adorable creatures you stuff into little balls and collect like coins. Tonight's bedtime story is totally going to be about Amara (name of my trainer) and her silly before-the-Professor-showed-up adventures trying to mediate between the massively unresolved UST between her smarty-pants know-it-all and rather critical personality friend, Cheren and the delightfully sweet, but bubblebrained and not terribly smart girl who tries very hard named Bianca. The three of them have known each other a minimum of 10 years by the time we're clued into their adventures and it's amusing to pick up little clues and play with them. Poor Amara, I have a feeling Bianca gets them into a lot of trouble that Cheren ends up yelling at her for and that Amara ends up having to soothe hurt feelings and take responsibility for getting them out of trouble a lot. *laugh*

Still need to pick up my copy of Twilight's Dawn by Anne Bishop so I complete my series collection. Stupid brain, can't have just all but one of the books, gotta have'em all. How this doesn't apply to video games is beyond me; I'm not a total completionist like a lot of people I know.

Also; whoever decided Daylight Savings Time was a good idea needs a swift kick in the unmentionables... and the kneecaps, just for good measure. I liked that extra hour, thank you!

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