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This was one of those days where the idea of getting out of bed got both middle fingers raised way, way up.

Not in a OMG angsty/depression based mood mind you, nope, this was sheer, 100% lazy. Gotta give my props and due to the sin of Sloth, don'tcha know. I mostly hung out and played Pokemon in bed. Didn't feel hungry until later on, keeping an eye on my appetite as we do not want our weight going below the 140 mark again. Had a bagel, and while not exactly 100% appetizing and sounding good, was what felt best in the stomach.

I'm pretty sure there was a dream happening this morning, I just don't remember it. Whatever it was can go straight to hell, however, because I didn't appreciate that pseudo-freakout that happened when a nonexistent someone wrapped some cold arms around me and held me from behind. First time I've woken up in the last few days genuinely about ready to launch myself up and stick to the ceiling like a cat. Creeped me out and had goosebumps from when I'd woken up and for the next ten, fifteen minutes while I calmed myself down and muttered under my breath.

We'll see if I have a dream tonight as I go to sleep. One I can remember, at least. Concerned for Mom, she's not doing very well with the high possibility of an ulcer and being in a lot of pain due to that and a sinus infection.

T-minus a bit more than 24 hours and counting until the concert. Totes excited and nervous for it to happen.

Mood otherwise was pretty baseline. Nothing AMAZINGOMG or TERRIBLEHORRIBLEWTH going on in life.

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