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Anxiety from the tsunami's still there, more centric on the whole potential nuclear disaster that should have people going, "Awww shit" more than they are already. Nuclear stuff isn't my forte or area of expertise, but radiation+potential for a meltdown = very bad news. I'm smart enough to grasp those basics. Now I'm just sad, shaking my head at the death toll and of the level of destruction Mother Nature can cause.

It takes humanity around 10+ years to get a decent sized village or city fully up and running. Mother Nature can take it out, as we've seen, in a matter of minutes. I'm kind of glad humanity can't harness that type of power, we have too many who'd abuse it, sadly.

Due to being a bad girl and not doing my friday log, I'll just post a bit about it here and move on.

Friday Events )

Saturday found me waking early so I could get my check cashed and such before everything closed.

Nice lengthy and rambly Saturday log ) 

Highlight of the day was purchasing Pokemon Black. Yes, I'm 23 (nearly) going on 35 going on 10. Bite me, I still enjoy my silly little children's video game with the adorable creatures you stuff into little balls and collect like coins. Tonight's bedtime story is totally going to be about Amara (name of my trainer) and her silly before-the-Professor-showed-up adventures trying to mediate between the massively unresolved UST between her smarty-pants know-it-all and rather critical personality friend, Cheren and the delightfully sweet, but bubblebrained and not terribly smart girl who tries very hard named Bianca. The three of them have known each other a minimum of 10 years by the time we're clued into their adventures and it's amusing to pick up little clues and play with them. Poor Amara, I have a feeling Bianca gets them into a lot of trouble that Cheren ends up yelling at her for and that Amara ends up having to soothe hurt feelings and take responsibility for getting them out of trouble a lot. *laugh*

Still need to pick up my copy of Twilight's Dawn by Anne Bishop so I complete my series collection. Stupid brain, can't have just all but one of the books, gotta have'em all. How this doesn't apply to video games is beyond me; I'm not a total completionist like a lot of people I know.

Also; whoever decided Daylight Savings Time was a good idea needs a swift kick in the unmentionables... and the kneecaps, just for good measure. I liked that extra hour, thank you!

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