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It's annoying how nearly a month went by before I started picking the unholy shit out of the growth on my head that barely qualifies as hair. I can guess the increased stress, frustration and anxiety are definitely a part of it, with work being an unholy pain and all.

But why didn't I go after it before and I am now? PMS/Period probably has to do with that, methinks. Blegh.

I need to make it through the month- that way I can bleach it in May and see if it's long enough for a qualified hairdresser to get the extensions put in. That way I know I can't fuck with it afterwards. I just have to talk to my sister/Mom's hairdresser and see if she knows of anyone who could do it and what her prices would be.

...sitting in a chair for 5 hours will be the bitch though, while I get them put in. I know they're supposed to be damaging to the hair, but if they'll last me through to August/September where I'll only have to go in and get my roots bleached? I'll be fine. (I'm apparently being a tow head like in the old days. Go me! It will set off m'green eyes though.)

And if they can last me long enough so that I can grow my hair out to the point I can't pull it? I'll be fine. Because pulling at a certain point genuinely registers as pain and not the nice relieving kind either.

It'll probably not be until June for the extensions, but I can at least get the inch/inch and a half bleached before then, have a bit of growth and then go in to have 'em bleach the roots and put in said extensions to match it. With any luck, the extensions will be decent and the whole thing won't cost more than about $700-800 dollars. ...still a lot but, it'll be worth it.

I will try and post pics, if I can get it done. I already know when I get them put in, I'm going to hand Dad the brush and have him give me the first ponytail I'll have had in 13 years.

It's hard. But I'm going to pray for some kind of help here, and look for where my extra stash of willpower is hiding, that way I can use 'em both to quit picking more than I have and grow, grow grow!


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